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Denture Repair Jacksonville

Looking for a quick fix. Now. That will prove to be a permanent solution to your immediate problem. Well. Consider yourself relieved. Here at ASAP Dental Care, we aim to take care of your dental needs including, among other things, denture repairs. We realign and revitalize dentures.


What are dentures?
Dentures are lifelike replacements to natural teeth. They are long lasting teeth that oral surgeons implant into the jawbone to simulate the root of a pre-existing tooth.

Are dentures repairable?
Acrylic resin is one of the major materials used for the creation of dentures. This material has proven to be durable yet aesthetically pleasing. And above all else. The material is repairable.

How can dentures be repaired?
Well. The addition of extra acrylic resin can easily be added for reinforcing. Or you can simply have your dentures replaced.
Time plays a role.

Over time the material from which dentures are made can erode or fatigue. Having a fractured denture is not as unusual as you might think especially if you have d=had them for a long period of time. The sad yet realistic truth about dentures is that they are not indestructible.

The longer a denture is worn, the prone to fracture it becomes. Meaning that sooner or later you will have to start making regular visits to your dentist. Dentures that have been worn out or made thin are prone to breakage.

Fractures and breakages
According to a study done by Hawler Medical University, having an improper denture fit is the cause of most concern when it comes to denture fractures. This is a result of continuous chewing which is only natural because we gotta eat people, we gotta eat!

And when we chew and or bite this puts a force on the denture causing miniature fractures. If the upper and lower set doesn’t align evenly, for example, you risk putting too much pressure on one area. So over a long period of time, a large break will occur. You might notice this breakage because it may expose a crack in the denture.

Fractures caused by impact are also very likely to cause denture fracture and or breakage. Impacts such as falling accidentally. This can break any material especially denture teeth or even the pink part of the denture which represents your gum line.
The metal part of your dentures could also become damaged and you should rather not put them back in your mouth. Luckily for you. Dentures are made of repairable material. Dentures that have been worn out or made thin are prone to breakage.
Dentures that have been misaligned and are still being used can put excessive stress on the dentures in a particular region. This in return causes them to break. However misaligned dentures are not the only cause for breakage.

Worn out teeth also play a role in the breaking of dentures. Old dentures can lead to a set distribution of bad chewing forces. This can ruin a perfect set of teeth as well as spoil your gums and oral cavity.

So the rest is up to you. Give us a call. And we’ll schedule an appointment for you. Or if it happens to be an emergency, walk right in.

Denture Repair Jacksonville Fl