Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Teeth Whitening Edmonton

You'll save money on teeth whitening in Edmonton at Twin Dental- our patients receive complimentary whitening treatments for life; find out more about how you can enjoy dazzling white teeth with no-cost treatment in our practice when you call our staff to set up a consultation appointment. If you dream of owning teeth that sparkle when you smile, we'll help you choose the perfect shade of white during your initial visit. Choose from our popular take-home kit or our in-office treatment for the best smiles of your life.

Should I Whiten at Home?

You have the option of whitening in the convenience of your home when you select Twin Dental's at-home kit. For on-the-go patients, our home treatment delivers exceptional results. Wake up to a whiter, brighter smile reflecting in the mirror without sitting in the dentist chair. The American Dental Association approves professional take-home whitening treatments prescribed by your dentist; however, patients should stay away from store-bought gels and pastes that are not as safe or effective. If you're not sure which treatment is right for you, feel free to speak with our staff during your visit.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Expensive?

On the contrary- pro-grade whitening remains one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the look of your teeth without permanent results. At Twin Dental, you won't pay for whitening when you make our practice your family's home for full-service dentistry. See us for checkups, cleanings, minor and major restorations, cosmetic treatments, and new technology procedures without the worry that you'll need a referral to an outside dentist. Check out our 'Specials Offers' section for more details about free teeth whitening in Edmonton for life- the best deal in town on whitening.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

For teeth stained from foods & drink, slightly yellowed from smoking, or appearing dull from everyday elements at work or at home, whitening delivers exceptional results in as little as one treatment. If you feel apprehensive about using the at-home kit, it's easy to request an in-office whitening session with our staff. We'll handle all the details while you relax comfortably- treatment takes about an hour to complete. There are numerous reasons to consider pro-grade teeth whitening in Edmonton:

  • Upcoming work promotion or an important interview
  • Family or school reunion
  • Picture day
  • Career headshots
  • Fast-approaching wedding
  • First date or first impression
  • Self-confidence boost
  • Image makeover

Look Your Best Every Day

No other dental treatment is as affordable or effective in providing dramatic results as quickly as teeth whitening in Edmonton at Twin Dental. Schedule your next visit with us for a thorough dental exam and x-rays to determine whether you're a candidate for whitening; if so, we'll discuss options with you for the best possible results. We think we're a perfect match for your family's dentistry needs for many reasons, including our accessible location, range of services provided, and gentle, compassionate care in a friendly, professional environment.

Teeth Whitening Edmonton
Twin Dental
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