Toronto Denture Implants

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You may have heard about Toronto denture implants and thought that they might be a better option than traditional dentures. If so, you thought right! Owners of denture implants enjoy many advantages over traditional denture wearers. It's no secret that traditional dentures wear and break over time. Indeed, denture owners frequently have to take their dentures in for relining and repair. This becomes a normal way of life for denture wearers.

However, denture implants are permanent, and they look and function just like your normal teeth would. Contact Scarborough Dental Care today to consult with an experienced denture implant dentist to discuss your options, your goals, your budget, and your time frame. We'll help you develop an attainable plan that delivers the results you want. But what are the benefits of denture implants? Here are some of the most prominent ones.

Improve Your Health

Although it is one of medicine's best-kept secrets, the mouth is the gateway to the body, and good overall health starts in the mouth! Plus, with dental implants, you won't have to reduce your other teeth, such as with a tooth-supported bridge. By leaving your surrounding teeth in place, you will protect your oral health, and very likely, your internal health. Of course, good oral hygiene and health is just one piece of the puzzle! Diet, exercise, and other healthful habits contribute to one's overall health just as much as a healthy mouth does.

Improve Your Appearance

One of the most prominent reasons that people choose denture implants over traditional implants is that denture implants look and feel like natural teeth. Denture implants are fused with the bone and become permanent in your mouth. Plus, your dentist will ensure that your denture implants conform to the natural color, contour, and shape of your teeth. Impressions will be taken in our clinic to ensure a perfect fit.

Improve Functionality

Two of the biggest complaints that we hear from traditional denture wearers are related to speech and eating. When dentures begin to wear, they often slip. This can cause people to slur words and experience a decreased quality of speech. Plus, it's very difficult to eat when your dentures are slipping and sliding all over your mouth. Because denture implants are built to function just like normal teeth, denture implants provide a permanent solution to both of these problems.

Feel Better

One of the many benefits associated with denture implants that can't be overstated is that they are far more comfortable than traditional dentures are. Denture implants become a part of you, you will no longer experience the irritation on your gums that comes with traditional dentures.

Not only will you feel better physically with denture implants, but you will also experience more self-esteem. When you have a natural-looking smile again, you'll naturally feel a lot better about yourself and the world around you. Contact Scarborough Dental Care today to make your appointment for Toronto denture implants.