Maintain Your Smile With Root Canal Treatment

A dental procedure that treats significantly damaged or infected teeth, root canal treatment helps preserve the structural integrity of an injured or significantly decayed tooth, helping patients avoid the need for extraction.

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How do you know if you need root canal treatment?

If you are experiencing pain or swelling in the gum area, have a broken tooth or spot of decay, or notice discolouration on one or more of your teeth, this may be an indication that you require root canal treatment. The best way to determine your need for this treatment is to visit us for a thorough examination.

What benefits does this treatment offer?

Root canal treatment provides several benefits, including halting the spread of infection, relieving the pain that comes with a significantly decayed or injured tooth, and helping patients preserve their natural teeth. It also restores the beauty of your smile by eliminating discolouration and other signs of damage.

How should a tooth that's undergone root canal treatment be cared for?

To ensure that the treated tooth is protected, you should practice proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice daily, flossing after meals, and visiting our office for regular cleanings. We also recommend that patients consider covering a treated tooth with a dental crown, which provides additional protection.

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