Prevent Dental Emergencies With A Sports Mouthguards

Custom-made oral appliances that help protect against dental injuries that can occur during sporting activities,  at Twin Dental in Edmonton, we know that professional sports mouthguards can help protect our patients from painful, complex, and costly oral injuries.

How are professional sports mouthguards made?

The first step involves taking impressions of a patient’s teeth, which are used to create a customized and highly durable oral appliance. Once completed, we’ll arrange an appointment to have you visit our office to check its fit.

What's the difference between professional and store-bought sports mouthguards?

Store-bought versions are typically crafted from a pre-formed plastic mold and often require adjusting before they fit well. Professional-fitted mouthguards are custom-fitted to a patient’s unique smile for maximum comfort and protection. These versions are also made from higher-quality materials than store-bought options, which means they provide more reliable protection and often last longer.

When should a sports mouthguard be worn?

Patients involved in activities with physical contact should wear a sports mouthguard. This includes contact sports like hockey, basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about protective sports mouthguards, contact Twin Dental today. Our team of professionals would be happy to create a customized sports mouthguard to meet your needs!

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  • Prevent dental emergencies that can happen during sporting activities
  • Protect your mouth comfortable & effectively
  • Avoid the need for complex & expensive dental services
  • Benefit from many months of reliable protection
  • Prioritize your smile!

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